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Cowboy Wedding Ideas

Every wedding has the advantage of being different and many couples part from the traditional ideas and etiquette and plan something different for their big day. Some want to put cowboy wedding ideas in practice and for this reason, below you will see some great ideas that can inspire every wedding. And to think about it, the ideas can be quite romantic, just think about those western movies where the cowboy takes off with his true love into the sunset. A cowboy wedding is popular in the Southern and Western regions of the country, but it can happen anywhere. It can be elegant and it can be pulled off by applying some ideas.

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First of all, the invitations must be cowboy inspired, so the guests know from the start how things will going to be. You can keep the design of the invitations simple, so they don’t end up looking like invitations to a kid’s party. The invitation can be shaped as a cowboy boot or horseshoe. The invitations can be made with simple wording and a fun font. If you want all the guests to dress up appropriately, write the information down in the invitations. The ceremony should reflect the theme of the wedding as well. Choosing outdoor venues is preferable, for example in a field at sunset. An old barn can also be suitable if you don’t want to face the rainy season. Places that are used for special events, such as weddings, are highly recommended. But if you are looking for something a bit modern as well, you can check cabins and resort lodges.

Cowboy Wedding Ideas

Cowboy Wedding Ideas (Photo by: Molly Germaine)

Even with a cowboy theme, brides can still have their white dress. But a dress made out of a casual fabric can definitely suit the theme better, such as soft linen. Lace details are perfect and you can have some leather cowboy boots as well. At least in them you will feel comfortable. For the grooms, he can try out various cowboy style tuxes that look great on any cowboy, with black leather boots and a western tie. The reception is where you can really emphasis on the wedding theme. There are many opportunities when it comes to music and foods, flowers and decorations. You can have wildflowers and sunflowers. Candlelight is very romantic, especially in the evening. Gingham tablecloth will keep things elegant and authentic.

You have the right of doing the wedding as you desire, so incorporate any theme you want.


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